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Blend sports and street tech clothing with this innovative Techwear Jersey.

Introducing the Techwear Jersey, a fusion of sport and street culture, blending the audacious spirit of the urban dweller with the bold aesthetics of Korean techwear fashion. Picture yourself striding confidently down city streets, the oversized silhouette of this revolutionary jersey declaring your passion for sports, hip-hop, and urban culture.

Crafted with dual layers, this outfit is an embodiment of bold design and innovation. The upper fishnet layer culminating at elbow length adds a dynamic dimension, while the sweatshirt underneath provides comfort and an appealing contrast. Both elements come together, forming a long sleeve, a fake two-piece sweatshirt that whispers of innovation and defies convention.

At the heart of this technical jersey lies player number 24, boldly emblazoned on the front and back. Resting just below the declarative inscription "Planet Music," these numerals tell a story of your love for sports and music, and your allegiance to the rhythm of urban life.

The Techwear Jersey is more than an article of clothing; it is a celebration of your unique style and audacity. Sourced from our curated techwear shop, it embodies your urban spirit, transforming your street tech clothing into a statement of your unique persona.

  • Ultra-resistant streetwear jersey: Made with high-quality materials (cotton & polyester) that are durable, flexible and lightweight to preserve your mobility while keeping you warm.
  • Technical Clothing: This sweatshirt will protect you from the elements and complete your techwear outfits. 
  • Design: Techwear, Techwear Cyberpunk, Japanese Techwear, Urban Style
  • Inspirations: Uspsa jerseys, Enshadower Clothing

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Techwear clothes can change everything. They tell the world that you're not afraid to be yourself, push boundaries, and stand out.

Join our community of young, charismatic, and confident individuals who want to live life to the fullest.

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