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Techwear Accessories

Welcome to the OFF-WRLD armory, where you can transform your wardrobe and add the final touch to your techwear outfits. Whether you are looking for a pair of futuristic glasses, a ninja mask, or a large bag to store your equipment, we have what you need.

And if you're more into functional clothing and close combat, you can choose from our military-inspired products, such as tactical gloves, technical belts, and chest rigs.

Discover our techwear outdoor equipment to sublimate your outfits

What makes an outfit unforgettable is the attention to detail. You have to be aware of those little fashion things - that others would have overlooked - as they are crucial to building a great style daily. You must choose accessories that best suit your personality to embody your look.

We aim to make you proud when you wander the streets wearing a dark ninja mask or tactical gloves. There's more to techwear than cargo pants, black windbreaker jackets, and Japanese t-shirts. And we are going to prove it to you.


Essential Techwear Accesories

The list of Techwear accessories is long, but we have decided to offer you the most important ones, both in terms of aesthetics and everyday use. All our accessories will make you proud and serve you efficiently. They will give you that original, offbeat look you've dreamed of for so long.

When you're new to the techwear world, when it comes to accessories, your first thought is probably Tech Wear face masks, urban hats, and steel skull rings. But that's not all. If you have any sense of the current state of our society, you know that hard times lie ahead. You only have a little time left to gear up for survival.

Technical Belts

Coming from the military sector, the tactical belt has been an essential fashion accessory in streetwear, especially in the techwear and warcore worlds. 

As with many other garments, such as cargo pants, military clothing adds texture and consistency to any outfit. More than that, they often "break" an outfit's relaxed or casual side to make it more strict, elegant, and sophisticated.
On top of that, their durability, a prerequisite for manufacturing any military gear, makes them long-lasting and allows them to go through one trend after another.

Equipped with metal buckles, the tactical waistband is made of tear-resistant nylon. It forms a functional belt that fits perfectly with your cargo pants or shorts. The clip of the techwear belt has proven itself, as it cannot be opened by force: the system is very ingenious and requires simultaneous pressure on both sides of the buckle to open. You can easily adjust the length of the belt to fit your waist and play on the 

Since no holes are incorporated, these girdles ensure outstanding strength.

Military Vests

The military vest is an essential part of a soldier's equipment. For a civilian, wearing it stylishly and sophisticatedly is a real challenge. Usually, only fashion aesthetes manage to combine them properly with other streetwear garments to achieve original outfits.

But the techwear movement has a solution. With a spark of imagination and the streetwear spirit, military chest rigs can be transformed with a futuristic and fashionable twist to provide a more stylish appeal. This is the fusion of fashion with function. And with their cargo pockets and original punk-rock-military design, these modern armors are about to become a must-have.

They are impressive, surprising, comfortable, and valuable, especially if you must defend yourself in close combat. And if you are going to take part in the Techwear clothing Revolution to change the world, this is the futuristic accessory you should at least consider buying.

Ninja Scarves

Scarves and veils have always played a significant role in alternative styles. They bring sophistication, mystery and an airy feel to any outfit. Our futuristic scarves perfectly match your streetwear, cyberpunk, emo, punk and grunge outfits. 

They can be used as Techwear accessories to enhance your urban ninja style while allowing you to move around with more privacy. By protecting your neck and a part of your face, they will act as a natural hiding veil.

Tactical Gloves

'Take your fate into your own hands', as the saying goes. And that's precisely what our tactical gloves will help you do. Like many of the accessories in techwear fashion, gloves are inspired by military equipment. In addition to their designer and futurist aesthetics, techwear gloves are made of durable materials. They keep your fingers and knuckles warm and protected from impact with reinforcements. These gloves can be used for cosplay or to perfect your warcore style.

Techwear gloves also exist in thinner and more flexible versions that will please urban ninjas by allowing them to keep excellent mobility.

With various designs, techwear gloves are available with skeleton prints, cybernetic patterns inspired by cyberpunk culture, or even Japanese kanji. Whether you prefer urban techwear or goth street style, they'll fit perfectly with your look.

Techwear Straps

Straps and suspenders are perfect streetwear accessories for your cargo pants, giving you an even more intimidating military look. They mean you are not the kind of person people can mess with so easily. It will also provide texture and amplitude to your look when you move.

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