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Cyberpunk Techwear: the Ultimate Buying Guide (2024)

cyberpunk techwear

"Cyberpunk Techwear" is a fashion style that combines the futuristic and dystopian aesthetics of the Cyberpunk genre with functional, technology-infused clothing. It emphasizes utility, advanced materials, and combining high-tech elements with urban designs.

On its launch day, September 10, 2020, the PC game "Cyberpunk 2077" sold over 4.72 million copies, making it one of the biggest PC game launches ever.

Within the first ten days of its release, despite the controversies and refunds, the game generated over $480 million in revenue.

Yes, you read that right: half a billion in one day.

With that excitement, it's no surprise that online platforms, forums, and social media groups dedicated to cyberpunk clothing are rapidly growing, with enthusiasts sharing style tips, DIY customizations, and new brand discoveries.

If you are reading these first lines, it is probably because you are looking for buying cyberpunk techwear garments or accessories the right way.

And you're at the right place for that. 

Over the years, I've curated an extensive personal collection of cyberpunk and techwear pieces, providing me with hands-on experience with various brands, materials, and innovations.

This practical insight ensures I can speak about cyber-tech outfits' aesthetic and cultural significance, wearability, durability, and functionality.

By the end of this illuminating journey through the digital highways of Cyberpunk Techwear, you will unravel the DNA of this unique style, allowing you to know:

  • what pieces to buy;

  • where to buy them;

  • the origins of this fashion trend;

  • how to make your own cyberpunk-techwear outfits (DIY).

Strap into your hoverboard and adjust those neon laces! We're cruising through the luminescent lanes of cyberpunk techwear next!

I. What to buy to create your Cyberpunk Techwear look

Cyberpunk-inspired techwear gave birth to many different products, from masks to sneakers.

Cyberpunk Techwear Jackets

cyberpunk techwear jacket

Jackets are a staple of the techwear universe and are usually the best way to start building your futuristic look.

But the result is even more brilliant when you add cyberpunk elements to these already functional and stylish pieces.

Techwear cyberpunk jackets offer the benefits of technical clothing, like superior waterproofing, breathability, and thermal regulation - ensuring optimal comfort in various conditions - with the dystopian touch of cyber jackets, such as cybernetics and mechanical motifs, straps and

Integrated smart features, such as touch-responsive pockets or built-in lighting on a few pieces, provide utility and an avant-garde flair.

You can also have modular jackets with removable sections or adjustable fits, making them suitable for any environment and perfect for enhancing your futuristic style.

If you wish to find a cyber-tech jacket, you must first determine if you need a softshell or hardshell one.

There's a huge choice, from particularly stylish water-repellent windbreakers to futuristic padded jackets.

Cyberpunk techwear jackets are more than just outerwear; they are a testament to the seamless blend of functional fashion and advanced technology.

Cyberpunk Techwear Pants

cyberpunk techwear pants

Wearing cyberpunk techwear pants is a fashion statement. They appeal to the bold, those who appreciate clothes that don't compromise style for function.

Cyberpunk techwear trousers are futuristic pieces inspired by tactical gear and digital rebel outfits. They evoke images of dystopian urban landscapes and hooded warriors atop buildings.

They add speed, agility, intrigue and mystery to your everyday outfits, making them perfect for building you future ninja look and conquering the streets of your city after dark.

Their dark color palettes, often interspersed with pops of neon or reflective details, echo the visual motifs of cyberpunk culture, drawing heavily from the genre's characteristic blend of high-tech and low-life.

The designs are often asymmetric, breaking traditional silhouettes and creating a sense of dynamism. Fabrics are typically high-tech, offering benefits like water resistance, breathability, or even integrated technological features.

Techwear cyberpunk pants are designed for adaptability, resilience, and next-level style.

Declined into cargo pants, they might feature multiple pockets - practical for urban exploration, zippers, straps, and tactical pouches often adorn them, reflecting a practical approach.

Some of them are modular, with detachable pockets or sections, offering versatility in styling and allowing wearers to customize their look based on mood or necessity.

Cyberpunk Techwear Hoodies

cyberpunk techwear hoodie

Hoodies are a must-have for any cyber-tech ninja.

The aesthetic is unmistakably futuristic, characterized by clean lines, asymmetrical cuts and, often, an interplay of textures and materials.

Crafted from innovative fabrics, wearers can expect water resistance, thermal insulation, and anti-microbial properties. Some come with strategically placed pockets designed for modern essentials like smartphones or wireless earbuds.

Wrap-around, comfortable and warm, hoodies are prized for their hood, which gives you a mysterious aura and lets you hide from the crowds.

What's more, they're the perfect mid-season piece when you're hesitating between a t-shirt and a jacket and don't want to be caught out by the fickle weather.

Cyberpunk Techwear Shirts

cyberpunk techwear t-shirt

Cyberpunk techwear shirts are for courageous people who value individual expression.

These futuristic shirts often use the vast spectrum of cyberpunk imagery, melding the stark contrasts of shadowy cityscapes with the luminescent glow of neon lights.

This imagery can range from intricate circuitry patterns to Japanese characters, blurring the lines between the organic and digital and creating pieces that feel alive with electric energy.

Made from advanced textiles, these shirts might offer features like moisture-wicking, breathability, or even UV protection. Some are even integrated with intelligent fabrics that can interact with the wearer's body or the surrounding environment, offering a seamless blend of fashion and technology.

Pockets might be designed for specific modern devices, and cuts might enhance mobility, proving that these shirts are stylish and built for the dynamic lifestyles of the future.

Cyberpunk Techwear Shoes

cyberpunk techwear shoes

Cyber-tech shoes are a way to navigate and resonate with the high-tech, high-paced world around you.

From an aesthetic point of view, combine the aggressive urban edge of techwear clothing with the gritty, neon-infused atmospheres of cyberpunk narratives.

A dark color, usually black, often characterizes their models, contrasted by touches of neon or metal.

Some even boast integrated lighting, transforming the shoe's perception from simple functionality to a wearable work of art.

Silhouettes vary from sleek and streamlined to chunky and robust, mirroring the diversity within the cyberpunk universe.

Beyond the compelling visual appeal, these futuristic shoes offer superior comfort and velocity. Innovations might include responsive cushioning systems, breathable fabrics, or smart features that sync with wearable tech devices.

Wearing cyberpunk techwear shoes is a bold statement that will leave no one indifferent.

Cyberpunk Techwear Accessories

cyberpunk techwear accessories 

To achieve a balanced futuristic look, you need the right accessories. Lucky for you, the cyberpunk-techwear universe has plenty to offer, from LED Masks to Cyberpunk glasses.

  • LED Lights & Augmented Accessories: One of the most recognizable elements of the cyberpunk style, LED lights are often incorporated into eyewear, masks, and jewelry. These components give an otherworldly glow and hint at technology's integration into daily life.

  • Neon Glasses: Cyberpunk fashion often features eyewear with neon, holographic, or augmented reality (AR) lenses. These cyberpunk glasses are perfect for completing ninja techwear pieces.

  • Tech Gloves: Gloves with an integrated touch screen or a design reminiscent of robotic hands play on the man-machine synthesis essential to the cyberpunk ethos.

  • Utility Holsters and Belts: Built for function as much as form, these futuristic accessories can hold gadgets, wallets, or other essentials while emphasizing the tactical and practical aesthetic of the cyber-tech style.

  • Bags:

Urban Cyberpunk Techwear

Urban cyberpunk techwear is a sartorial subgenre that melds the ethos of cyberpunk aesthetics with the practicalities and edginess of modern streetwear.

It's the most widespread movement in the niche at the moment.

Young people aren't turning to leather coats, tight latex trousers and bland futuristic footwear. They have a way more modern vision of the cyberpunk-techwear fashion.

Instead, they opt for short bomber jackets with wide cargo pants and sneakers.

They want to create looks that are adapted to urban life so that they look intimidating but sophisticated.

At its core, urban cyberpunk techwear is not just about looking like a character from a futuristic novel; it's about embodying urban life's practical needs and aesthetic desires in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

It's for those who see the city as a playground, a challenge, and a muse, equipping themselves with garments that serve as armor and a statement.

High-Tec Fabrics

Production is crucial to the cyberpunk-techwear ethos, especially today, when sustainability must be a priority:

  • Technical Fabrics: These are engineered to provide functionalities such as waterproofing, temperature regulation, and even integration with tech gadgets. Think of fabrics that can change color or display patterns based on environmental conditions.

  • Durable Materials: Given the practical nature of cyberpunk techwear, materials are often chosen for their durability and resistance to wear and tear, such as reinforced synthetics or toughened natural fibers.

  • Breathable Mesh: Comfort is key, especially when integrating tech. Breathable sections, often made from mesh, are incorporated to ensure the wearer remains cool.

II. Best Brands to buy Cyberpunk Techwear Clothing from

Dive into brands leading the Cyberpunk Techwear movement and understand their contributions to this ever-evolving fashion niche.


acronym techwear cyberpunk brand

Co-founded by Errolson Hugh, ACRONYM has been at the forefront of techwear design, merging unparalleled functionality with high-tech aesthetics.

Their jackets and pants are the epitome of the techwear style, often imitated but never duplicated.

Nike ACG

NIKE ACG cyberpunk techwear brand

All Gear Conditions Although a mainstream brand, Nike's ACG line has always dabbled with the fusion of performance and style. They have collaborated with designers like Errolson Hugh to produce items perfect for wearing in cyberpunk techwear-inspired outfits.

OFF-WRLD Techwear Store

off-wrld techwear store

Off-Wrld is a technical clothing brand specializing in affordable futuristic products.

The brand offers techwear, cyberpunk clothing, and avant-garde accessories so you can build your perfect techwear outfit.


orbitgear cyberpunk techwear brand

An Indonesian brand known for its high-quality bags and accessories, but its entire cyberpunk techwear collection is worth checking out for those interested in the aesthetic.

OrbitGear is inspired by the ever-evolving dynamics of urban life. Their designs draw heavily from the practical needs of modern urbanites, integrating versatile and functional elements suitable for the fast-paced city environment.

The brand's offerings exude a futuristic and edgy vibe, with asymmetrical designs, modular capabilities, and high-tech fabrics.

Their pieces, whether bags, clothing, or accessories, capture the essence of a dystopian future, echoing themes from science fiction movies and cyberpunk literature.

The brand embodies the ethos of adaptability, striving to create pieces that can effortlessly transition from one setting to another.


rosen-x cyberpunk techwear

A brand focused on creating clothing inspired by science fiction, Rosen-X is a newer entry to the scene but has gained traction for its dedication to form and function.

Rosen-X emphasizes functionality and adaptability. Their garments often combine technical fabrics with versatile designs that can be adjusted, modified, or layered to suit various conditions and personal preferences.

They often use deadstock fabrics and produce garments on a made-to-order basis to minimize waste.

The brand also pays attention to the details, ensuring that each piece is aesthetically pleasing and functional. The brand is also very committed to sustainability and ethical production.


julius cyberpunk techwear brand

Tatsuro Horikawa's brainchild, Julius dives deep into the dark, dystopian future visions, making it a favorite among cyberpunk aficionados.

Initially starting as an art project, the brand quickly morphed into a fully-fledged fashion label known for its dark, dystopian, and industrial aesthetics.

The designs of Julius often exude a raw, post-apocalyptic vibe, intricately combining textures and layers.

Tatsuro Horikawa's inspiration often stems from music, particularly the industrial and electronic genres, which profoundly influenced the mood and tone of his collections.

The brand is renowned for its attention to detail, especially with its experimental tailoring and unique fabrics.

Julius often presents collections that are not just about clothing but also about conveying a particular emotion or atmosphere, aligning closely with the dark and atmospheric realms of the cyberpunk universe.


Cyberpunk Techwear is a testament to how fashion, technology, and art converge. It represents an evolving world where clothing concerns aesthetics, functionality, and technology.

As the boundaries between man and machine blur, so do the lines between style, function, and identity.

III. What is Cyberpunk Techwear?

Given the fast-paced technological changes and future uncertainties, dystopian narratives like those in the Cyberpunk 2077 game reflect societal fears and anxieties that many young individuals feel today, such as surveillance, data privacy, climate change, and political unrest.

Despite their challenges, dystopian worlds escape everyday life's mundanities. Engaging with these narratives through avant-garde garments can be a way for young people to detach from their challenges temporarily.

Add to that the technicality, minimalism, and subversiveness of the techwear culture, and you get a futuristic look that's as stylish as you'll ever see.

Defining the Cyberpunk Culture

Cyberpunk has become a cultural phenomenon for its aesthetics and philosophical questions.

The Science-Fiction Background

Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of anticipation, itself a sub-genre of science fiction, which describes a futuristic world in a dystopian (negative) way.

The genre is anchored by a central theme: "high tech, low life."

It depicts a near future where technology is deeply interwoven into daily life, from cybernetic implants enhancing human abilities to artificial intelligence navigating the complexities of human emotions.

Paradoxically, society's moral and socio-economic fabric has deteriorated, leading to serious social unrest and ethical dilemmas.

Set against neon-lit, rain-drenched urban landscapes, cyberpunk narratives often present sprawling metropolises governed by mega-corporations, starkly contrasting between the affluent and oppressed masses.

Science fiction movies and Japanese culture are at the core of the cyberpunk world.

Not surprisingly, the setting is typically nocturnal, in a palette of neon blues, purples and reds, with towering skyscrapers, ubiquitous digital advertising and bustling street markets, taking inspiration from Asian cities such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and even the famous New York City in the US.

cyberpunk landscape

Yet, beneath the technological marvels, cyberpunk culture delves deep into the human condition.

As our present world becomes increasingly digital and interconnected, the themes explored in cyberpunk culture gain even more relevance, urging us to reflect on our current trajectory and the potential futures we might inhabit.

Moral themes of cyberpunk societies

Cyberpunk questions the implications of technological dependence, the erosion of privacy in a surveillance-heavy society, and the ethical boundaries we might cross in our endless pursuit of advancement.

Central to many cyberpunk stories are hackers, rebels, and outcasts who challenge oppressive structures, often using the very technology that binds society to fight against them.

They also frequently feature young protagonists rising against the odds, empowering readers and viewers to believe in their capacity to enact change.

In these divided, dehumanized societies, where spontaneous and natural social relationships have disappeared, existential questions of humanity, identity, free will, and submission to authority arise.

Although cyberpunk paints a bleak picture of the future, it mainly serves as a cautionary tale to open the discussion about our roles and choices in shaping a more balanced, technology-integrated future.

IV. The cyberpunk aesthetic

cyberpunk aesthetics

The Cyberpunk style melds the future of high-tech advancements with the grit and decay of dystopian urban environments.

Leather jackets, neon glasses, LED masks, helmets, holographic materials, augmentations, and a grungy, underground vibe are all characteristic of this futuristic style.

Cyberpunk outfits are intrinsically mystical.

The aesthetic often merges Western and Eastern influences, notably drawing inspiration from the neon-lit streets of Tokyo and the gloomy urban settings of Blade Runner...

But cyberpunk clothes are more than just a fashion statement; they are a profound means of personal expression.

In a world increasingly dominated by mass production and homogenized styles, cyberpunk style stands out by daring to challenge the status quo.

Wearing a cyberpunk outfit with the right accessories is a bold statement of individuality.

This fashion statement symbolizes resistance to oppressive systems, displaying a rebellious spirit and a refusal to be boxed into society's norms.

Techwear: The Future of Clothing


techwear clothing


Techwear, or "technical wear", is an urban style renowned for its exceptional functionality, expressed through minimalist and futuristic designs.

Drawing inspiration from military uniforms, sportswear, cyberpunk culture and technology, this fashion trend features high-tech fabrics and fashion-forward designs to create stylish and intriguing outfits.

Techwear accessories like armored ninja masks, transformable bags and reinforced chest rigs are fundamental to this universe and add a sophisticated tactical edge to ninja-tech afiocionado's look.

Comfort, functionality and style are the milestones of the techwear garments and accessories, which help you thoughtfully organize essentials, maximize movement and adapt to your dynamic lifestyle.

The function of techwear clothes is to enhance its wearer's quality of life and elegance.

Whether you're exploring a dystopian city or venturing into the woods, they are perfectly adapted.

The color palette of technical clothing is less extensive than that of cyberpunk clothing.

It's reduced to black, grey, and white, perfect for creating futuristic ninja and urban samurai looks, often more aggressive than cyberpunk ones.

Techwear is an excellent style thanks to many versatile and stylish pieces perfect for everyday wear.

V. The Birth and Evolution of Cyberpunk Techwear

cyberpunk techwear clothes 
The fusion of cyberpunk and techwear emerged in the early 2010s.

The considerable expansion of Japanese culture worldwide, coupled with the growing popularity of video games such as Watchdogs, Mass Effect, Hallo, Doom, Cyberpunk 2077 and science-fiction movies like The Matrix, have contributed significantly to the fusion of the two genres at the beginning of the 21st century.

Around the world, young people started pairing black cargo pants with futuristic trench coats and complementing them with gas masks, sci-fi glasses and modular bags.

As technology evolves, so does fashion. So, it's unsurprising that outfits have started incorporating smarter fabrics, high-quality materials and futuristic elements.

Light-emitting diodes, neon glasses, katana sword umbrellas and self-lacing shoes are often incorporated into the techwear cyberpunk outfits on today's social platforms.

The unique fusion between the cyberpunk and techwear styles gives rise to remarkable, futuristic outfits, often described as "cyber-tech ninja".

Whether you want to become an augmented human or love to dress like a warrior from the future, this style is made for you.

It would be a shame not to consider becoming part of this thriving community!

VI. The Cultural Influence of Cyberpunk-Techwear

blade runner clothing

The powerful imagery of the Cyberpunk culture, inspired by science-fiction, has invaded literature, films, video games and ultimately, the fashion industry.

When you think of the success of the Star Wars movies since the 70s and the Matrix Trilogy in the 2000s, there is nothing unusual about the cyberpunk influence found throughoutund throughout the world's cultural landscape.

Cyborg stories, like in the fantastic anime movie Ghost in the Shell, have also given rise to unprecedented philosophical debates about humanity, the emotions of machines and our relationship with the ever-present cybernetics in our lives.

This cyberpunk subgenre has become very popular among fashion subcultures and Communities :

  • Artistic Inspiration: The unique aesthetics associated with dystopian worlds—from fashion to music to art—can be a rich source of creative inspiration for young artists and designers.
    With the rise of artificial intelligence, some fantastic works by people worldwide have appeared, thanks in particular to the Midjourney tool.

  • Community and Belonging: Fandoms around popular dystopian movies, books, and series provide many young individuals with a sense of belonging and community.

  • Awareness and Activism: Engaging with dystopian narratives can raise awareness about pressing issues and inspire activism. Many young people are motivated to address the real-world problems mirrored in these fictional accounts.

  • Questioning the Status Quo: Dystopian stories often push readers and viewers to question societal norms and envision alternative futures, aligning with the youth's natural curiosity and challenging nature.

Techwear Cyberpunk FAQs

Is cyberpunk and techwear the same?

Cyberpunk and techwear are not the same, though they share similarities.

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction rooted in futuristic urban dystopias, while techwear is a style of clothing that emphasizes functionality and incorporates technological elements.

The fusion of these two worlds has given rise to breathtaking garments and accessories.

What is the function of Techwear?

Techwear emphasizes both form and function. Its primary function is to provide wearers with clothing that incorporates advanced materials and technologies, offering benefits like waterproofing, breathability, and modularity.

Beyond just practicality, techwear also provides a unique, futuristic aesthetic, often influenced by styles like cyberpunk, which is the subject of this article.

Is techwear still in fashion?

Absolutely. Techwear remains a prominent trend in the fashion industry, continuously evolving with technological advancements and consumer preferences. Its blend of functionality with style ensures its lasting relevance.

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